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What is a Colorectal Surgeon?

Colorectal surgeons or colon and rectal surgeons are also called as proctologists. These are physicians who are specialized in medical and surgical treatment that involves the lower digestive tract. They are proficient in preoperative, operative, and post-operative care for patients with colorectal problems.

What Does a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgeon Do?

In cholecystectomy surgery, the goal is to remove your gallbladder – a pear-shaped organ that can be found below the liver located on the upper right of your abdomen. Surgeons will use a laparoscopic technique to safely remove this organ through the use of small cameras and tiny surgical instruments passed through a catheter. These catheters are inserted through for small incisions on your abdomen.

Carbon (IV) oxide is later then introduced to inflate your abdomen in order for surgeons to have a clearer view of the gallbladder.

Other surgeons may also use robot-assisted cholecystectomy to achieve a cutting edge performance on the removal of the organ.

How Does The Best Gallbladder Surgeon Ramsey Conduct a Surgery?

Before any operation, your doctor needs to confirm the presence of gallstones in your gallbladder or in your bile duct. Commonly physicians would require you to have an ultrasound, to see the inside of your abdomen whether if you have gallstones or not. But if further tests are needed, your doctor may require you to have a CT scan to have a clearer view of your gallbladder.

During the surgery, you will be given general anesthesia to keep you asleep throughout the process. While you are asleep, surgeons will make four small incisions on your abdomen. This is where all the surgical instruments necessary for the operation passes through, including the laparoscope.

Carbon (IV) oxide is then introduced through one of the incisions for surgeons to have a clearer view of the organ. A monitor screen with a live feed from the laparoscope guides the surgeons during the operation.

Once the gallbladder is successfully removed, surgeons will then proceed on
Generally, you will be held in the hospital for another day or up until the results of each test are released. If all goes well, the hospital will prepare your discharge in a day or two.

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