Laparoscopic Surgeon

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What is a Laparoscopic Surgeon?

A Laparoscopic surgeon is a type of surgeon that performs minute incisions or minimally invasive surgery on their patients. Its name came from a tool named a laparoscope, this tool has a tiny video camera and a light attached on its end.

What Does a Laparoscopic Surgeon Do?

The laparoscopic surgeon uses a minimally invasive surgery or also known as keyhole surgery. Surgeons use this method to avoid large incisions on the patient’s abdomen. The surgeon is guided with a live feed coming from the laparoscope to help them with the operation.

How to Become a Laparoscopic Surgeon?

For an individual to become a certified laparoscopic surgeon, he/she must successfully complete an undergraduate degree. Their degree must be closely related to math or science. After that, they enroll in medical school.

Once the medical school has been completed, graduates are expected to apply for an internship. During their internship, they are most likely to be rotated through a variety of fields in medicine. This allows the interns to have time to think and try for themselves which field should they take up.

Interns who are interested in laparoscopic surgery, they must pay close attention to surgical rounds, especially during laparoscopic surgery. If they are given the chance to volunteer in a specific area, they should opt for surgery. They should seek guidance and consultation from laparoscopic surgeons in the same hospital they are practicing to gain more knowledge and techniques on the field. In most cases, interns allow their interns to join them during operations to have a first-hand observation.

When these interns have completed their internship program, they will be considered as residents. This means they need to apply for a position in a specific hospital of their liking in their desired field. Laparoscopic surgeons should apply for a surgical residency in a hospital that is known for a high amount of laparoscopic surgeries conducted.

After working as a surgical resident for three years in this field, the surgeon will have no problem getting hired as a laparoscopic surgeon at any hospital of his/her choice.

How Does Laparoscopic Surgery is Conducted?

Laparoscopic surgeons use small incisions on your abdomen to insert a thin device attached with a camera and a light, called a laparoscope. Your abdomen will then be filled with carbon dioxide. This allows the surgeon to have a better view inside of your abdomen, how much is the organ damage and whether there are other options to consider to avoid muscle or nerve damage.

During your laparoscopic surgery, surgeons will insert other additional instruments to complete the necessary procedure. These instruments are inserted through the incision sites. Expect to have at least four incisions on your laparoscopic surgery.

Once the operation is finished, your surgeon will then proceed on removing the trapped CO2 from your abdomen, the instruments inserted, close the incisions through stitching, and cover the incision area with small bandages.

You may feel tired or a bit nauseous after waking up from the surgery, this is due to the general anesthesia used to you. After a day of staying at the hospital, you will be authorized by the hospital to be discharged. There are cases where you will hold for a couple of days to ensure your full recovery from the operation.

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