Robotic Surgeon

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Application of Robotic Surgery

A robotic surgeon is the one that carries out robotic surgeries using small surgical tools attached to a robotic arm. The surgeon controls all of the robotic arms on a computer/console to attain cutting-edge precision on every surgery conducted.

What Does a Robotic Surgeon Do?

A robotic surgeon performs a handful of complex procedures with the help of computer-controlled robotic arms. With that said, surgeons are able to provide your surgery with cutting-edge;

compared to traditional open surgery. Robotic surgeons have total control on every robotic arm that is involved in your surgical procedure.

Robotic Surgeon’s Training

In order for an individual to be allowed to perform robotic surgery, one must have a medical degree. Aside from that, a doctor must also undergo special training on how to use a robotic surgical machine. The robotic system is quite complex which requires a higher level of skill in order to use it correctly.

For a surgeon to become an expert at robotic surgery, he needs to undertake “fellowship” in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). This will require the surgeon to enroll in an MIS fellowship program at a particular hospital or a university medical center offering MIS. At present, there are only a few institutions that are fully certified which means openings for the fellowship program are limited. In addition, the duration of the fellowship program may also vary from one institution to the other.

During their fellowship program, the fellows (robotic surgeons to be) are trained and supervised by highly skilled and experienced MIS surgeons. These fellows will become competent MIS surgeons once they have completed their training program. After the fellowship is complete, they will receive their certificates and be qualified to perform minimally invasive surgeries.

How Does a Robotic Surgeon Perform Each Surgery?

During the operation, the robotic surgeons use a console when performing the surgery. The surgeon sits on the console and using his hands he controls surgical instruments remotely. The console allows the surgeon to perform the operation with great precision and accuracy. The size of the instruments can be compared to the size of a small keyhole.

A small video camera is then inserted to provide the surgeon to have a 3D image of the operating site. The 3D camera provides an expansive view of the operating site which allows surgeons to find a way around to avoid damaging nearby muscles and nerves during the operation. This is possible with the help of a robotic arm able to rotate 360 degrees and deliver precise incisions and actions.

During the procedure, the robotic surgeon is only a few steps away from you. There is a second surgeon or surgical technician standing next to you to keep an eye out and to confirm if the placement and function of each surgical instrument are correct.

Common procedures only take about two to three hours under general anesthesia. This procedure offers minimal blood loss on your surgery, and blood transfusions are rarely needed during the procedure. Depending on the type of condition you have, you are expected to only spend a night in the hospital and are discharged once your laboratory tests are acceptable, if the pain you felt is tolerable, and you are able to retain liquids after the operation.

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